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‘Single quotes ‘ are to be used for the first quotation ; then double for a quotation within a quotation. If there should be yet another quotation within the second quotation it is necessary to revert to single quotation marks.’
Hart’s Rules, English Works, 63

There seems to be no reason for perpetuating a bad practice. So, unless the author wishes to have it otherwise, in all new works the compositor should place full points and commas according to the examples that follow :
‘We need not follow a multitude to do evil’.
No one should ‘ follow a multitude to do evil ‘, as the Scripture says.
Do not ‘ follow a multitude to do evil ‘ ; on the contrary, do what is right.
Hart’s Rules, English Works 65

I can’t keep up with the style manuals used by every news syndicate, magazine, NGO, or Government Agency in the English speaking world. I’ve never tried. I stay consistent with Hart’s Rules as I leaned them 60 years ago.

I’m a writer. Words are my life. I’ve made my living since I was a teen-ager putting one word after another. Now I want to learn what for me is a new kind of writing, fiction, but all I’m hearing about is punctuation. Getting the punctuation correct is the job of the line editor. Getting the words right is the job of the writer.