Re: Re: As readers do you trust self-published books?



@stray dog wrote:

Thank you robjvargas and shadowwalker for your viewpoints.
In effect I think this is the problem when an author self-publishes his work, especially if it’s his first time: even if the author takes a lot of care in every details, it’s difficult for him to be trusted…

Not really, no.

It’s not about trust at all. How do I put this? Hmm… OK, this: Craftsmanship shows.

If you’ve taken everything seriously and taken a good, hard look at your work as a product, then that’s going to show itself in the product as depicted. Whether that’s online or in a bookstore (although, for the most part, self-published books aren’t found in bookstores). Likewise, if you give me some corporate presentation bound-looking think with a crayon cover and ten typos in the first three pages I look at, forget about it.

Once you publish a book, and we’re talking self-publishing, then you’re no longer an artist. You’re a business. A reader isn’t going to understand the heart and love you may have for that work. The reader is going to look at that crayon-coloring, those typos, that half-assed binding, and then at his or her $1.99, $3.99, whatever you’re telling them it costs. Does the reader think one equals the other?

Astronomically unlikely.

Now, if you pump those things out like a Ford factory, charge 99 cents, and sell ebook versions only, you might, maybe make a living at it. You can probably find a couple dozen suckers out there to buy your work. Like the old saying goes, you can fool some of the people all the time.

But I’m certainly not interested in that sort of business model.