Re: Re: As readers do you trust self-published books?



@stray dog wrote:

As a reader would you buy a self-published book?

Sure. But it can be a gamble, since we don’t know whether the author really took proper care during the creation and publishing process. I actually don’t look at a publisher when I’m deciding to buy so…
@stray dog wrote:

How can you know if it is a good book in the sea of bad quality self-published books?

You don’t. But there are some guideposts. If you on a site like Amazon, definitely take advantage of the Look Inside feature if it’s available. Odds are if you don’t like that, you won’t like the book. Especially if you see glaring typographical issues and really obvious grammar problems. Run, don’t walk, away.

And I, for one, *do* judge a book by its cover. A cover that looks like it was drawn with MS Paint goes on my Do Not Read list. If someone put some care and effort into the cover, then they did the same to the content, most likely. And if they drew it themselves, published it themselves, wrote and edited it themselves, then they’re probably someone who refused any and all advice while creating it.

None of this is a guarantee. Bad ones still slink through the filter. But that can be true of trade publishing as well.