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As a Michigander, I enjoy the sights of snow but am not overly eager for its arrival this year.
I liked your poem. I made a few suggestions in the following edit, just ideas that you may want to think about or not. We’re all good at offering our opinions here.

The falling snowflakes first appearance,
Brings something of a curious stir.
Captivated we get carried off,
By its spell and charm.

It’s clean and white and seems to whisper.
The sound it makes–a quiet stillness;
Not a bother like the rain
Coming down in splashing patters.

But snow, it ever gently falls;
A flake or two caught up in frolic,
With the wind and chased by breezes.
Down below the earth cries welcome
To each new flake of snow.

Thanks again for posting this, I look forward to seeing more of your works.