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When the semester was over, you should have gotten in your car, and just left. You should have fled town, taking only the few passions that you really needed. Instead of taking Emily to meet Jason, you should have went with her to Chicago. And started a new life.
Things may have gotten dicey for a little while, trying to find a job, and keep your debt off your back would have only taken weeks to figure out. You could have become a waitress at a nice bistro, and looked for experiences to write about during the hours that you didn’t have to wait on rich people, while in a stuffy uniform. You would have gone to school, gotten a degree. Perhaps you would have been able to get published by now. You could have an advertising job. You could be a jet setter, going off to Europe, or Asia… Anything could have happened… If only that one night… was taken back.
You made the choices that you made, you stayed, you didn’t run, you feel in love. You gave up opportunity for that love. You gave up stability for that love… Only for that love to return you to stability. That love has given you everything that you could dream of, that love has set your heart on fire. That love has given you the American dream.
So, you are a mother now. So, you have a family now. You have a house, and a yard, and a car. You have the time to sit down and write your book. Don’t under estimate what you have lived through. Don’t under estimate your life. There was plenty to learn from. There has been plenty of experience. I am not going to apologize for messing up back then. I am not going to apologize for where my life has ended up. It was a simple choice, an impulse. It happened, and now here we are.
Now, clear your mind. Close your eyes, and figure out where to start. This story is not going to write itself, it has been in your head far to long. It is time. Get it out. Sit down, and simply… write.