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james and hvnly, it’s not a given that you’ll write badly from November 1 to 30. I found that I write better if I’m under a bit of pressure, in fact, and for those who are not used to producing copy Nanowrimo provides an impetus to do so day after day while receiving encouragement to do so. What can be wrong with that?

In my case, every day I copyread what I’d written the day before and cleaned up the non-sequitors before I started the day’s production. I probably wrote from 2-4 hours every day and produced something like 3,500 words per day, finishing the first draft of about 53,000 words in 15 days.

Now, I’m a much-less-than-social creature myself, but the meetings I attended were fun, and in fact I’ve met for the past year on a monthly basis with a group which is a direct outgrowth of Nanowrimo and haven’t been stunted by the experience; in fact, we’ve all traded a number of good ideas and tips and techniques.

Perhaps to a professional, published writer who can produce more copy than I did, Nanowrimo seems like playtime for a bunch of pikers. To me, it was a very valuable experience. So I’m ignoring the harshing of any vibes and Nanoing this year. Look for me as “plswriter”, and feel free to add me to your buddy list.