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Jamesaritchie – 2009-10-02 7:24 PM

monica67 – 2009-10-02 2:14 PM

I’ve heard of NaNoWriMo, always thought it was kind of a nutty idea. I find myself considering it this year – and totally freaking myself out!

I do have a story I’ve just begun to outline. Plus, I’m unemployed right now.

So, conditions could be favorable. Still, it IS a nutty idea, isn’t it? 😮

I think it’s extremely nutty.  What nearly always results for those who “lose” is disppointemnt, and it’s usually worse for those who “win.”  They come out with a crappy, completely unpublishable novel, spend months and months thereafter trying the impossible task of making it publishable, and then jump right ban into NaNo again the next year.
You don’t learn discipline by writing steadily one month per year, and you don’t learn to write well by intentionally writing crap.

I never understood it and still don’t. Write–every day–the best that you can–and you’ll finish a novel. You’ll finish a lot of novels. And isn’t the goal for NanowriMo a 50,000 word novel? Who buys novels that length?

Beats me. I won’t criticize people who do it. Heaven knows, lots of people do but I can tell you that darn few of those novels end up sold and published.