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Oldtimer – 2009-10-02 10:33 AM

Before NaNoWriMo starts, can somebody let me know how the “buddy” system works? I’ve tried to have buddies over the past two years but the technology defeated me.>>

Basically, you sign up for Nanowrimo with your chosen name (mine is “plswriter”), check the appropriate boxes to show that you are not a deranged copyist, and wait for others to sign up so you can add them. The site has more and better info as to how the buddy system works (it has changed a bit since last year, so I can’t say exactly how it works just yet). And I’d be pleased to be one of your buddies. The buddy list is more or less like Facebook friends, except that you have to communicate directly by PM’s. There will also probably be a random matchup of writers who send each other nice little things in a box. (I sent some stuff to a “partner” last year, but my match never got around to sending me anything, although I understand that she had some physical, health, and transportation issues.) The idea is that you support each other as needed.

But maybe there’s a better way. Since most of my writing friends are here on the WD Forum, could this thread be ‘stickied’, please? That way I’ll know precisely where to go when I want a shoulder to cry on, a word of encouragement or a way of blowing my horn. Is that doable, Lisa?>>

You’ll find a number of forums on the Nanowrimo site which are very helpful, and you should have no trouble in making new writing friends there, too. In other words – don’t be afraid to plunge right in; there will always be someone to help you.