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Mikala Engel

4luvofwriting – 2009-10-02 11:36 PM

Jamesaritchie – 2009-10-02 4:33 PM I do think the new series is horrible, in comparison with the orginials. Just not very good at all. But if you’re a big enough Dune fan, you almost have to read them. My only problem with the original Dune is that it’s called science fiction, but science is pretty much completely absent. Even Dune itself is a scientific impossibility. A world without water would, in about ten minutes, be a world without any oxygen.

Well, Arrakis wasn’t devoid of water. The planet had evolved such that it became a 99% desert planet perhaps, but the Fremen were able to adapt to the climate change and had kept a supply of water hidden away long enough for Muad’Dib, aka Paul Atreides, to change all that.

Yes, but there wasn’t nearly enough water to maintain an oxygen atmosphere, even for a brief period.  Desert worlds with oxygen simply aren’t possible.  It takes a LOT of water, and surface water at that, to create and to maintain an oxygen atmosphere. 
Frank Herbert may or may not have known this, probably not because he wasn’t a scientist, and I don’t recall him ever responding to this criticism of the book, but it was pointed out early and often.  There are other science missteps in the book, as well, which doesn’t stop it from being a very good read.  It’s a great book, a great series, but it’s definitely science fantasy, rather than science fiction.