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As Emma woke from her watery sleep, her head felt very sore and she wanted to speak but the words
wouldn’t form. Her eyes flet like lead as she layed on something that felt like animal skin. As she tried to
sit up her body wouldn’t respond, she felt like her body was twice its weight. “Lie still young one,” she heard
a voice say. It wasn’t someone she knew. Her hands were by her side and as she felt inside her pocket
she could tell that she had $4 dollars and a rock. Now the memories flooded back to her mind like a rushing
wind. She had been walking on the banks of the river and saw this wonderful and oddly shaped rock and
picked it up. As she took a step back she lost her balance and feel into the river, she thought she was going
to drown. She saw all the people she ever meet and her mom and dad before her mind went blank, and
now she was in this igloo with this woman she had never meet. As the woman dabbed her forehead she
said”I was walking by with my grandson and saw you struggleing in the water. My grandson rushed out
and drove into the river to save you. When he got you up on shore, you were almost dead, so we
brought you here, where we could warm you up,” as she said this she laughed. The old womans laughter
sounded like water running over rocks very smooth. As Emma slowly opened her eyes, she saw the
light of the fire dancing off the walls of the igloo and she felt safe. “My grandson has gone out to look
for your people to tell them you are here and not to worry, you are being taking care of very well.”