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“What the hell?”, I’m trying to figure out if I am dreaming or is this scene for real. Chill bumps start to form on my arm as I start to think about what I did before I went to sleep that would have brought me to this place that I find myself in. “I wasn’t drinking last night?…no” and then it occurs to me that I’m being stared at, yet this person staring at me isn’t trying to hurt me so I’m not immediately alarmed with the attention this person is giving me. I glance around this small cold space to see if there is a blanket for me to cover up with as I am freezing. Luckily I like to sleep in socks so my toes haven’t fallen off yet. As I proceed to stand up I feel very light headed. The room isn’t as still as it normally is but I don’t normally dwell in spaces like these anyway. I attempt to speak to my one-person audience who insists upon staring at me and ask her what is going on, where am I, do you have something that I can use to cover up with, how did I get here…?” My stomache is growling also because I didn’t get a chance to eat before I went asleep. I began to think about how I was in the restroom at my house and I turned the shower on. I had a long day at work and I was exhausted. My makeup box was still sitting on the counter where I had left earlier that morning. My goal was to take time to clean the makeup box out because it was filled with loads of junk including makeup. It was time to get rid of the toothbrush that I kept in the box for which I used to scrub my rings with. That’s going to the trash. I had some loose change and about four dollars sitting at the bottom of the box. I’ll give that to the homeless guy on the corner. I had my favorite rock in the box from my childhood rock collection that I never kept up with except for one rock left over. I think I’ll put the rock on my desk at work. “What was that?” I hear a noise in the other room and I decided to check it out. As I am coming through the hallway I am grabbed from behind to my surprise. I try to use the toothbrush to poke someone’s eyes out. I struggled to get away and suddenly the room darkens and I start to feel dizzy and then total darkness comes upon me. The stranger proceeds to answer my questions. You have been rescued, you are in Knowear Land, Cover is not needed, We brought you here.” I felt puzzled and ready to run as fast and as far away as I could get. I felt an object in my pocket poking at me. I pulled the toothbrush out. Immediately this strange person started to scream and run away from me. I got up and starting walking towards the stranger. They screamed and hollard with great fear. Outside of the igloo I noticed what looked like monsters to me running around destructing everything in site. I’m walking with this toothbrush in my hand and everyone runs from me with fear. I smelled a foul odor in the air and the place was dirty. I began to scream as I realized I was inside of a person’s mouth and these monsters were cavity creeps. I screamed again and ran to the nearest outward direction before falling out the mouth into the chest of some giant breasts where I almost smothered to death before diving into what would have been my death, however I finally woke up from a weird dream. I ran into the restroom to brush my teeth! ##