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language lady

Angel Rose – 2009-03-23 6:21 AM

Lord Terpsichorean – 2009-03-22 4:49 PM under matin sun to groggy lea wispy umbrellas glide on whispers heralding white dandelions’ roar as they gently bite her dewy tongue after a probing kiss sodden with nectar— dripping YVNIII 3/22/09

Very good York, you give a great insight to rain, sun and flowers. By-the-way-, I finished your book

yesterday, a really good book. Did Kory ask Emily to marry him? Inquiry minds want to know! 🙂


Thanks for the read and feedback.

Did he or didn’t he?  😉 😉 😉  That’s in Rendering Evil which will be published this year, I hope.

And thanks again for buying Missiing Steps.