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wondo – 2008-11-15 8:11 PM

H’mm. Y’all just added another task to my already long list. Is the list provided by Writers Digest a good place to start? The “28 Agents Who Want Your Work” article?

It’s not where I would start but it couldn’t hurt to make a note of those. I write in a genre that is known to be a bit cliquish so my first job was finding out what they have sold and to whom. I wanted an agent who had good contacts at the publishers I am likely to do business with. So I researched extensively at Locus Magazine and Publisher’s Marketplace researching who has sold fantasy and science fiction and to which publishers and which sub-genres. This isn’t something you’ll find on most of their websites although there are a few exceptions or in a general publication. It takes hard research. I was also looking for who was new with well established agencies since they were likely to have room on their list for new clients.