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Mainly a non-fiction writer and sometimes poet, I realized recently that I had never written more than glancing references to sexual activity. Like you (as I interpret your posting), I would feel a bit uncomfortable and sleazy writing a scene about intercourse and all that leads up to it. But how can one write a salable book today without some erotica? I’m reminded of that wonderful higgledy piggledy (that’s a verse form too long to be described here) about the novels of Dorothy Richardson.

Higgledy piggledy
Dorothy Richardson
Wrote a huge book with her delicate muse.

Where, though I hate to be
Nothing much happens and nobody screws.

As a first step in filling that particular vacuum in my oeuvre, I recently wrote and posted a nonfiction piece about kissing. It was fun. However, I now have what men refer to as second and third base to write about for practice. Then I’l try treading (no avian double entendre intended) on home plate. I’ve certainly read a plethora of prose on thesubject.

I wonder how many aspiring story and novel writers went about things the other way around–that is, wrote steamy sex scenes and hard or soft porn before they got around to any other kind of writing. Perhaps my problem is rooted in the fact that my earliest creative writing was submitted to my English teacher–nuns and teaching brothers.