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NorEaster – 2008-11-15 9:09 AM

Paul Elam – 2008-11-14 9:43 AM Yes, there is a need to pull back at times. Sometimes there is a need to let go. Whatever the indignation at the problem I conveyed though, I don’t think it compates to the personally insulting nature of your post. Have a nice day, sir. Learn where you can, and where you are willing. Paul

I was just sharing a little of what I’ve learned as an Internet opinionator myself. Hell, the last thing I actually worry about is teaching the middle.  I’m all about the red meat, so I figured I’d heads-you-up a little on what I picked up from the piece, and from your other piece about Chivalry.  You have a theme going, and I just wanted to see how committed to it you are.

Believe me, I share your energy, and take the arrows with a smile whenever I let loose.  Take a wander through this forum alone and see what kind of brutality I engage in.  I’m a cartoon more often than not, but I’m purposely a cartoon whenever I am.  That difference is a big difference, and as long as you know that, then enjoy yourself.

Just a thought from one antagonist to another – find untilled soil to dig into, and you’ll find a lot more valuable resentment attracted to your work. is packed with the battle of the sexes, and those meat pies are all shilling for Google Ad clicks with that stuff.  There’s a lot to get angry over out here in Amerikaland.  If this slice of outrage is your personal itch, the scratch away, but if you’re mining for productive territory, you might want to keep on looking. 

Personally, I’m thinking that misguided existentialism hasn’t been turned into a WWE pay-per-view event yet, and I’m looking into the rights on that circus.  I figure that if someone can cartoon that up a little and get people angry with it, the competition will be confused as to how to properly address any of it.  That should give me some months of market share before the Chinese figure out how to make it cheaper and flood the Walmarts of the world with it.

Relax.  There’s enough anger for all of us here.  The world is one big scream therapy session.  The trick is to find a frequency that’s not being used at the moment before letting ‘er rip.

Fair enough, and a good bit more civil. Perhaps what I do needs some ‘splainin, at least for the purpose of your post to me. Antagonism is frequently in the mind of the antagonized. I know that well, as one who feels that way sometimes. As far as my commitment goes, activist is a much better word for it than opnionator (love that word). And I am committed to it enough to have been doing it for twenty years.

The middle ground is where I live. It is where the most open minds reside and where I prefer to direct my information and ideas. Extreminst on either side aren’t capable of progress on anything, and I am enough of an idealist to beleive progress is possible, if a little bloody sometimes.

I was curious about your impression that somehow hate is a motivation for what I do. I didn’t ask about that before because I just assumed you were a drive-by flamer. But if you really see hatred in what I do then I will be the first to want to know why. Like I said, my attempts are to appeal to people with open minds. Hate is a pretty poor tactic for that goal, and honestly not one that resides in my heart.

And just for the sake of more clarity, I know many places where I can mine for resentment if I were so inclined. I just came here looking for feedback and critique on the writing. I’ve gotten it in spades.

This is the last post I will make of this nature, as I don’t have any interest in debate in this forum. I appreciate your thoughts (you’re a good writer, by the way) and will look forward to reading your work. I’ll check the site you recommended as time permits.