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pegs – 2008-11-14 11:42 AM

Paul – thanks for clearing up the number thing.

Question: if you tire of feeling compelled to explain that you’re not woman-bashing, why don’t you just stop explaining? Who’s compelling you? A well-written piece with valid points stands on its own, and a thoughtful reader will be able to understand. Sure, you’ll get some “hate mail” and irate reactions from knee-jerking readers, and, if that matters to you, you probably do need to continue with the disclaimers. But if your intention is to clarify and comment on “gender neuroses of the times” I think that will come through. I think it does come through.


I consider myself lucky to have stumbled in here. As you can see, even with the disclaimers, the knee jerks and frothing at the mouth does happen.

Done then, disclaimers are henceforth considered cancerous.