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michaeljvaughn – 2008-05-28 9:48 PM Michael – this post prompted me to go to your website and read some of your poems. I really enjoyed them, especially (so far) St. Francis of the Half Moon Bay Coffeehouse and Renata Tebaldi. And when I read Haunt I found halfway through that I had stopped breathing. Thank you. Wow! Thanks. That makes all the trouble worth it. Yes, Haunt is a poem that haunts me, which I guess it oughta. Wrote a novel about that woman, too. Not a good novel, mind you;-) When it comes down to it, I think the members of the forum are almost too nice. I’m nice, but when someone hits me on something important, I don’t mind giving a blunt answer. It was kinda fun, too, getting all that truth out of my system. But I’ll behave now, I promise. And thanks for reading my poems:-)

My pleasure entirely. I look forward to reading more. Gosh, I hope I’m not the only feedback you got this week. You deserve more.

Honesty versus bluntness. An interesting distinction. Or is it? A distinction, I mean. I have been told I’m honest to a fault, whatever that means. I’ve also been called blunt. But over the years I’ve learned that there are degrees of honesty. Or, at least, degrees of expression of the truth. Know what I mean? Sometimes you might think something but not say it. Sometimes you might think something but say it in a softened way. Others, well, just go ‘head and “let all that truth out of your system.”

I, for one, hope for honest and kind (together) feedback on this forum. If we want to grow as writers, we need that.