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Laurie Zupan

I checked out your website – did you have it done professionally? I like the top photo – gives it a fun almost goofy feel while still maintaining that slick, commercial quality.

Your comment about whether the writing was easy or hard – it isn’t the words that cause some feathers to ruffle as much as it is the attitude behind the words. There’s a bit of in-your-face that more likely has more to do with being young than anything else. You have obvious talent in the writing department; age will help buff the edges into a graciousness that will help you as a lawyer and public person.

I’m impressed with your energy. To have run for city council, finished your undergrad work, and published a book – that’s a lot of drive, focus, and effort. It could be that one of the reasons you found writing the book so easy is that you already had the discipline and drive to go along with the talent.

Congrats on your early successes and good luck.