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Michael J. Bugeja

Now, boys, let’s play nice. I think he just rubbed you the wrong way on the poetry post, Michael. You are a very good writer and we’re lucky to have you here. There are three kinds of people at this site, those that might agree with Rick’s theory on poetry, those that don’t agree and enjoy reading poetry, and poets who are insulted by his post. I’ve had the same be said to me about writing fiction…it’s worthless, but I took it with a grain of salt. While one person may feel that way there’s others who don’t and that’s my audience. (Actually, a couple of people have said that I’m wasting my time writing fiction, but I expect it since I’m known in this area as a journalist and producer of documentaries). On the flip side, even if I didn’t appreciate poetry and wanted help sorting it out, I would have titled the discussion differently and used tact, but it sure did generate attention. Hopefully Rick has a better understanding of poetry.

I didn’t take this post as bragging at all. I’m very glad to read someone got published. And I did find his note about his writing session being interrupted by the presence of Chris Rock amusing. Someone else here talked about running into Stephen King and another who bumped into Hemingway’s relative. Was that bragging? I didn’t think it was then either. I’ve never written a memoir, only non-fiction and fiction. Perhaps writing a life story is easier than writing fiction. Who am I to judge? Maybe there is some ego going on, but every writer has it. Some just more than others.