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I was going to avoid the main question, but ya know? Honest question, honest answer: since your main motive seems to be to brag about how easy writing is for you, yes, you are sure to alienate every writer you tell about this. Myself, I find great joy in writing, have been lucky that way, but that’s the way I feel: lucky, which is a much more humble sentiment. I don’t tend to use words like “easy” around other writers.

As for the rest – insulting the entire genre of poetry ’cause you don’t understand it, telling us the pathetic news of being in the same room with Chris Rock (Writer’s Forum, it’s a Writer’s Forum, having to do with writing), all while having hit the jackpot of getting a book published by St. Martin’s Press…

There are some talented writers here. I’ve been lucky enough to get several books published, but my distribution has been about one-thousandths of what you will soon be enjoying. I’ve been at this for 25 years, have given my life to it. If some 25-year-old (just guessing the age) came waltzing into my bar talking the kind of smack you’re talking, I’d probably punch you. And boy would I enjoy it.

I’ve read some of the early reactions to your book. You’re apparently talented. You’re also extremely lucky. Learn a little graciousness. And please, if you really want to be one of us, be one of us.