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Mikala Engel

ericmfoltz – 2008-12-01 8:17 PM I was just wondering what font you’all use when suggesting that a character is thinking. Does it matter what font, or do I even need to use one. I can’t seem to find a font that I like for this. Thank you.

There’s no need to change the font for any reason.  Thoughts are usually just part of the narrative.  In such cases, italics are for emphasis, so only italicize a thought if the thought itself is important enough to warrant the intrusion.  Italicized thoughts should be a surprise, a revelation. {It dawned on her at that moment. . .John was the killer.}
Or: My God, she thought, John is the killer.
Mundane thoughts should just be part of the narrative, and worked in as unobstrusively as possible.