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jrtomlin – 2008-12-01 11:01 PM

Nor do I agree that you should avoid showing internal monologue. The assumption is limited third person, by far the predominant voice used in American fiction, is that you will do that and it is in essence the one advantage of novels over movies. A movie can show what a character does far better than a novel ever can, but it can never really show what the character is thinking.

There is a delicate balance. You don’t always have to know what the character is thinking word for word, but it does help in certain scenarios, especially if the character is alone with nothing but his/her…….thoughts.

I disagree that a movie can never show what a character is thinking. If that were true, we would never understand characters in movies, because we wouldn’t know why they do what they do. You cannot know exactly what a person is thinking if they don’t tell you, but you can make a damn near close assumption based on expression, speech, or action.

And speaking of redundancy, it can get nauseating for the reader to be constanly popping in and out of people’s heads. So, there is a delicate balance, that we, as the writers, have to find.