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wdarcy – 2008-12-01 9:26 PM

ericmfoltz – 2008-12-01 9:17 PM

I was just wondering what font you’all use when suggesting that a character is thinking. Does it matter what font, or do I even need to use one.
I can’t seem to find a font that I like for this.
Thank you.

If it’s indirect thought (Mary wondered what time it was), use the same font as for the rest of your manuscript. If it’s direct thought (I wonder what time it is, Mary thought), set the thought in italics.


Or not. If you are writing in “deep penetration” limited third person the assumption is that you are within the character’s head and telling their thoughts, so putting it in italics or saying “Mary thought” is really redundant. It actually serves as an authorial intrustion to do so. Many authors who write on writing, Oscar Scott Card comes to mind, recommend not doing this.

Nor do I agree that you should avoid showing internal monologue. The assumption is limited third person, by far the predominant voice used in American fiction, is that you will do that and it is in essence the one advantage of novels over movies. A movie can show what a character does far better than a novel ever can, but it can never really show what the character is thinking.