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How can I respond to these posts? Has anyone even considered what it’s like to deal with a suicidal person? They control and manipulate others draining and choking off any chance of rational reasoning that would allow another to just live their lives. If it wasn’t for sex there would have been nothing my wife and I had going for our relationship that made us a team raising our daughter. My God, I read about being suicidal only to think what your wife must’ve went through. Instead of any strength she got weakness to deal with. In my marriage I could only protect and defend myself because I didn’t know enough to earn my wife’s trust and respect. So now there’s a whole society with the same mentality I entered into an affair with and no thank you to dealing with an issue like this one at a time. We’ve turned into a wasted generation that demands all of our attention by displaying complete incompetence with getting along with one another, instead of even attempting to become competent.
If I get sympathy and how to fix myself with my writing; it’s not serving a purpose of changing directions leading to resolving problems. I got older and tired. My life was a present to me and I wasted most of it by not sharing it in responsible manner. Ignorance caused that but the wisdom to not waste anymore of my life is in place now so I can at least have some gratitude for whatever there is left of it.