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Mikala Engel

Lex – 2009-10-04 7:57 PM Hi everyone! The last few books that I’ve read had very disappointing endings. They were written by two of my favorite authors. Who by the way always make the NYT best seller lists. The stories were interesting and engaging, up until the endings. This just emphasizes to me just how important the ending of a novel is. It could determine whether or not the reader would read your next novel. Although for best seller authors, they pretty much have guaranteed success. I’m definately keeping this in the back of my mind during my own writing. Anyway, any thoughts, comments? Alexis

You can never please everyone, and sometimes you can’t please anyone. Some readers love happy endings, some readers love sad endings, some readers love everything tied up neatly, and others like it when nothing is tied up.  You just have to find those writers who please you.
 But I will say this.  Bestselling writers have no guarantee of success.  As soon as they disappoint more people than they please, sales start to drop, and the writer quickly fades to midlist, then to obscurity.