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Jokes about the choice, a president once made.
Then one about a candidate, with whom a mistress he once laid.
Another regarding a famous unwed daughter, who had become a mother.
Over the years there were, undoubtedly many others.

The jokes were harsh and the laughter was cruel.
To the mistakes of others, there was no rule.
As long as the jokes came, so did the money.
At the failings of another, too many saw him as funny.

That’s the way it has been, all throughout his life.
No commitment to morals and very little to his wife.
For during the time he succeeded, at the embarrassment of many,
He took advantage of subordinates, accepting one or any.

Supposedly no one knew, his choices were the same
Of all that he preyed on, who chose to play the game.
For years he came and went, thinking he went unscathed
Until someone similar, in greed had also bathed.

The truth emerged with, the exchange of a check,
The game was now over and his image hit the deck.
Yet people still laugh and the ratings do soar,
For with a double-standard, the audience wants more.

By jim seabolt