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“Annoying Love Song” (A Dedication)

Harmonious sounds flutter into my ear
A familiar song, poking a tear
Tearing into my core with the sweetest melody
Trying to listen to what my friends keep telling me
Why inflict myself with this deliberate pain?
Seek out the sunshine after the rain
Turn off that one song, a broken heart triggered
For you have ruined it, I should have figured
And known our song would never be the same
Always a reminder of you, so much i blame
Dammit, this sucks, my heart bleeds with each chord
Each word stabbing like sharpest of swords
Annoyingly plunging deeper as the chorus plays
Hoping the wounds are a short-lived phase
So my heart can beat boldly, with potential to love
Without your scars, let music blast from above
No longer haunted by love songs and memories of old
Warmth from time passed, out with the cold
Listening now without jaded sorrow
Excited to hear a love ballad tomorrow