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I don’t like what you’re doing here
so I’m gonna ask you to leave
I can’t be in a marriage on my own
even though that’s what you believe

To you, the thrill is gone
and the grass is greener on the other side
You’ve mistaken my meekness for weakness
Now it’s my lawyer’s turn to take you for a ride

One play can change the game and
Alimony, spousal support…we’re coming for you at full force
Since I didn’t sign those silly pre-nups
I’m gonna own all your $tuff after the divorce~

So sad for you but I refuse to cry
since our marriage wasn’t supposed to be
babe, this is the bed that you made
and whenever dogs lay their heads, there’s sure to be fleas

Once again, I’ll be single at the age of twenty-three
with free access to your money to squander
now I can live like a celebrity

so cheat…cheat all you want!