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Take me. Take ME. You know you want to immerse yourself in my luxurious leather seats, to feel the wind in your hair with the top down, and to press the gas pedal down to floor on an open stretch of highway and see nothing but blurring scenery as we go streaking down the highway. Look at my shiny exterior – free of dents and scratches and accumulated dirt, so new and spotless and free from a history of minor bangs that I’ll give you that feeling of possibility of being new and free all over again.

Ignore the numbers. They are just numbers. Its just money. You’ve got time on your side. How will you spend your time? Will it be with me, cruising on the highway, traveling to exotic locations like Newport on the coast? You can have that and more. You can have the envy of all other drivers as they stare, jaw open, at my futuristic design and my greater-than-thou hood ornament.

Are you joking? Is that all you’re offering for me? Did I mention the warranty? You won’t find that kind of guarantee anywhere else. And, you know, I really keep my value. (Not that you will ever want to get rid of me.) We will be partners: I will coddle you and protect you and give you heart palpitations every time you step to the car or go out for a spin. And this dealership you will bring me to will keep me in prime condition.

There you go. Make a counter-offer. Let them know that you are serious – that you really like me, but also that you are no fool. You’ve done your homework or else you wouldn’t be here, at this lot, wanting me.

Wait! Wait! Wait! Don’t be too hasty. They say that it is the best that they can do. Really. Don’t walk away. Come back. We had a connection. You’ll see. You’ll be back.