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I grew up in the 80’s! I remember things like; Rainbow Bright, Gem, Care Bears, He-man and She-ra of course! The Moonwalk and “Everything’s Better with Bluebonnet on it.” Your socks had to match your shirt and you wore at least two pair! Pegged pants and rat tails. The Challenger tragedy. New Coke AND New Math.

I remember the coolest comeback was, “Yeah right, maybe in the year 2000!” (We had no concept that we’d even still be alive then!)

In the late 80’s New Kids on the Block was the coolest band the world had ever known! (at least in my mind)

I remember Milli Vanilli, the first band to win the Best New Artist Grammy and then have to give it back because they didn’t sing on the album.

I remember when cassette tapes were the only way to listen to your favorite music. And if you were lucky you had a Walkman to listen to them on!

The Apple IIe! Playing Oregon Trail and Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

Neon colored clothes, bracelets, shoelaces, you name it!


Side ponytails and Mall Hair. Acid wash jeans, scrunchies, suspenders with really high-waisted pants. Hi-top tennis shoes.

And so much more . . .