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In no particular order:

Every time James and Georganna took off the gloves, I enjoyed the ringside seat.  You always got two strong, professional voices with different perspectives, that gave you something to think about, no matter the issue.

The Pirate’s Pact collabrative efforts.  Even though Part II is still officially a “work in progress” it was fun coming up with an imaginative story and building off the ideas of fellow writers.  Kudos to Kaycee for pulling off Part I as our editor-in-chief.

Any post by AndrewvSpencer:  he can crack me up with one line quicker than a can can lick it’s…um…er…paws.

Saddest moment in the past year:  When Linnea hung up her quill here.  She was gracious and kind, but sharp eyed and perceptive.