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Okay, this is the query I’ve worked up for a publisher. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks! I know it’s a bit short for a first novel, but it’s done and adding to it would just be filling in space, something I’m not willing to do just to meet a word count. I’m submitting to publishers who accept this length of work, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Dear ____,

I have contacted you today concerning my novel, The Spider, a work of speculative fiction complete at approximately 78,000 words. I have chosen to submit to you because I feel my novel would fit well with other titles you have published and I think publishing in a more familial atmosphere would be right for me.

Laura is a ten year old Jewish slave girl in the year 2010. After her deed is purchased by a prominent Aryan family in rural North Carolina of the Nazi Global Republic, she finds herself in the arms of unexpected safety. Given as a gift to the twelve year old son of her new owner, Laura finds her life changed beyond any of her expectations. As she and her new master grow up together, they find solace in each others’ company, but the Nazi regime lies in wait. Laura and Ayden must seek refuge with the rebel group, Neo, to escape the Nazi soldiers with the wicked spider on their arms.

I have always been interested in the Holocaust and the events of that time period. Having read and studied about it extensively, I feel that my novel is not only plausible, but full of historical fact. Unfortunately, in most fiction on this subject, those of Jewish descent are portrayed as weak and submissive. My book brings them into a new light by not only sporting strong characters, but also bringing the events into the very near future. Interest in this subject is on the rise as well, with books and movies coming out about the Holocaust. A speculative novel about how the world would be if the Nazi Regime had won the war and took over feels well timed.

I would like to sincerely thank you for your time and for considering my book, The Spider. I have included four sample chapters, per to request, in an attachment of this e-mail. Thank you again for your kindness and have a wonderful afternoon.

E. F. Collins