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Seafood Futures

Let’s all go have dinner at Captain Monsanto’s!

Believe me, their dishes are rare.

They’ve Snapper Selenium,

Chromium Cod,

Plus assorted Chemiques de la Mer.


The Mercury Swordfish is truly sublime,

While the Boulliabaise glows in the dark.

The Bi-phenyl Clams

With an aspic of lead

Go quite nicely with Phosphorus Shark.


I think just this once I’ll have Crabs Becquerel:

Full-flavored, not too sweet or sour.

They come from a wrecked

Old plutonium barge

And they parboil themselves in an hour.


Have you ever tried Filet of Flounder Flourine?

It’s delicious! Feels warm going down.

My extremities tingle

Recalling that taste…

‘Tis an entree of widespread renown!


I suggest that you sample the bright yellow Blackfish,

Or maybe some Haddock of anti-freeze green.

Either’s quite fine

But do drink some wine

They tend to be spicy, y’know what I mean?


Or how about trying some Lobster Monsanto?

These babies are red when they’re caught;

The boats set their traps

By the nuclear plant,

Where the hot current keeps the lines taut.


Their Molybdenum Mussels with Acetone Sauce

Is a bit on the bland side for me.

(It’s just for the old folks

Who can’t abide salt,

And the poor diabetics, you see.)


So let’s hit the road for some wonderful chow

At Monsanto’s… My treat tonight, Boss!

I promise a dinner

That’s out of this world…

By the way, have you paid your Blue Cross?


~ L ~