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I recently came across an e-mail exchange with a friend from years ago during the Iraq war, when the Iraqi Minister of Information (AKA “Baghdad Bob”) was on the news with some regularity. We played out the Red Sox / Yankees rivalry in those e-mails in that hyperbolic style. It got me thinking about whether that style could be used to comedic effect by using it in an otherwise unremarkable setting. Let’s see if it’s funny, annoying, or something else: I submit for your perusal a snippet of Baghdad Bob in a fairly typical corporate cubicle-farm setting.

“Bob, can you bring a few copies of the financial presentation to the status meeting?”

“I swear to you it will be done, or may the ghosts of my ancestors haunt my children, and my children’s children!”

“Thanks. We wouldn’t want the finance guys trying to put one over on us, am I right?”

“Should those motherless jackals from finance attempt such a ruse, the hallways will run crimson with their blood! We shall feast on their entrails and decorate our cubicles with their bones!”

“Cool. Oh, and stapled this time, OK?”

Whaddaya think? Worth pursuing? I sort of dig it, but that might be more indicative of a character flaw than of actual comic possibilities.