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I’ve started several books in my time but finishing them seems to always be a challenge. I lose interest, my time is required elsewhere, my thoughts are so unorganized that finishing seems overwhelming – any number of factors may come into play when I work through story ideas, as I’m sure they do for others as well.

I started researching some books to help me stay on target and settled on one by Karen S. Wiesner called “First Draft in 30 Days.”  So far, I am really enjoying the structure she sets out for you. Whether you’re new to writing or you’re a seasoned veteran, this book could be very beneficial in streamlining your writing process.

Wiesner covers basics of building a well-rounded story and explains the “why” of the things she shares in her book. She provides several examples and templates for organizing your ideas as well as time-management planners and charts to help you organize your time and stay focused. She takes the sometimes overwhelming task of writing a book and organizes it into a very do-able task.

The audience is primarily fictional writers, I believe, but the ideas in her book(s) could be applied to other genres as well.

Available at Amazon for under $14 (at the time of this post):
First Draft in 30 Days by Karen S. Wiesner

She also has a followup book which I intend to buy once I’ve gotten a draft or two together. Also available from Amazon for under $14:
From First Draft to Finished Novel: A Writer’s Guide To Cohesive Story Building, by Karen S. Wiesner 

I’m sure I will continue to research some helpful resources and will post them here if I find others worth sharing.