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Iv Amenti

Finally, an agent has bitten on my middle grade novel. He plans to send it out to some editors when he gets back from a vacation in Europe (he must be successful). In the meantime, I need to get feedback from readers in that age group. I don’t have any kids lying around, so I need to borrow some.

Here’s the deal. I’ll loan out my novel to your kid(s), ages 9-12, with a year on either end being okay. All I ask in return is that they fill out a short feedback questionnaire and that you send that back to me.

The Journey is an adventure novel. It’s not Disney, but far more wholesome than ten minutes spent on your kids’ school playground. This will give you an idea of what it’s about:

The Journey is a middle grade adventure novel about Max, a kung fu-trained pre-teen who sets out to rescue her older sister, Kirsten. Kirsten is blind, and has been abducted by her estranged and mentally unbalanced father.

No one knows where they went except Sportster, the family dog, who points eastward whenever Kirsten is mentioned. The adults dismiss this, but Max believes in Sportster’s sixth sense. Her reckless best friend Jessica suggests a rescue, so the trio slips away into the night and begins a skateboard journey across the North Cascade Mountains.

The girls come up against trailhead thieves who try to steal their backpacking gear, then pursue them for the reward on their heads. When the going gets tough, Jessica bails out, leaving Max and Sportster to face the antagonists and complete the mission alone.

It comes down to a race to save Kirsten before their father’s insanity boils over into lethal destruction. It’s a very close race.


The Journey is 50,000 words long, so it should keep the kid out of trouble for a while. To get a digital copy, just contact me at:

Put Journey in the subject line and I’ll reply with the file download URLs. All that will be downloaded is the novel (The Journey.pdf) and the questionnaire (Journey Feedback.txt). Virus checked.

Thanks in advance