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My first ever membership to a writer’s forum. First of alot of things. First leap into the world of writing….

All of my life, throughout the myraid of ironic settings of pre-pubescence, post-pubescence and beyond, I have found myself in the unique position of suddenly staring aghast at the strangely comical nature of life, and thinking to myself; I could write a book about that. Seeing the faces and reactions of the human experience, the irony of our existence, and the comical coincidences that have weaved their way throughout the fabric of our relationships – I’ve always had a distinct desire to pen it, not so much for the sake of publication, but rather for the sake of catching those moments and recreating them. The moments of futility, of hope, of horror and most of all, the moments of sheer determination of the human soul, which for some reason never gives up, but continues to strive, even when rewarded by only struggle and hardship.

And so it is for me, though I may aspire to be a writer, I am a perfect example of that uncanny trait of humanity that continues to dream, despite drastic odds, the surmounting self-doubts, and in this case, the lack of a formal education. Perhaps someday, I will so effectively recreate those moments of existence, that it will enable someone to “live” what they have not themselves experienced, and so together through the language of symbolism, we can share our world through words.

Having said all that….Hello fellow writers 🙂