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Just wanted to shout out a Hi to all writers out there. I’ve been away for a while.

Returning from Alaska meant having to return to work and give up my full time job as housewife, home schooling mom, and writer.

I am happy to say I did finish my novel before leaving, gave it time to sit while getting situated in Virginia and going back to the world of full time employment. Now I am working on the rewriting process to get it in shape for an agents eyes. I have several other projects that sat on the back burner for the past year and a half that I plan on turning up the flame and getting it done over this next year.

I plan on making my writing time a priority and look forward to a successful 2010 where my writing life is concerned. That means making time to stop by and participate regularly at this forum, and getting to know you guys too.

So I just wanted to say Hi, wish you all luck, and say I look forward to getting to know you guys again.

Whether living remote or in the land of people, I will always be known as the “crazylady”, and am proud of it!