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Hi Everyone,

I was turned on this site by a talented writer friend of mine.
I am currently working on my first and would love your help and participation.

The name of the book is Mothers & Daughters.

The purpose of the book is to allow mothers and daughters the opportunity to say something that they haven’t had the opportunity to say before. It is truly to be a voice for each respective participant to not only “get things off their chest” but to truly speak from their heart and unveil their true feelings for each other. The book will be divided into two halves; the first will be letters from mothers to their daughters. Mothers this is your chance to express to your daughter something you may have never had the chance to say or to give that one piece of advice that you wish you had been given. The second half of the book is for the daughters. Is there something you wish you mother knew about you? Is there a situation that was never dealt with properly and you would like to address it? Or have your mother been so wonderful and support and you have never truly taken the time to say thank you? This is your opportunity!

My goal with this book is that the letters will not only start dialogue between mothers and daughters but possible provide healing to this most important and delicate relationship.

If you are interested in more details about this project please contact me directly at

Thanks for your consideration and sharing your gift!

Tiffany 🙂