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Hi, I’m Juneta
I’m an unpublished writer. I’ve been writing something, since I was 9 years old. I write because I need to, and I love it. I love words. I’ve studied writing for a long time. Its a hobby almost, I buy and read books about the craft all the time. I’ve taken WD courses, before they were online. I have had 3 poems published in my past. I have recently decided to try a few writing contests here at WD. I am interested in short story writing and fiction. I’ve been a verbal storyteller, since I was a child. A friend and I have been writing Star Wars fan fiction for ten years now. Its a passion, and just for our own enjoyment. I’ve had millions of writing ideas that I have started, and my worst fault is never completing them. I’m a right brain thinker, and filling in the details is work for me. I have completed a rare few when push comes to shove, but no novel. My dream is to become a published writer. My hero’s are those living the dream. Some of my favorites Nora Roberts she is awesome, Christine Feehan, James Rollins, Timothy Zahn, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, so many, and especially those new ones that step out into success. My goal is to complete my stories, and start racking up a few of those rejections letters. I’m a voracious reader of all kinds of stuff, and addicted to romance.

In love with the written word…