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Mary Jo

I am excitedly taking a creative writing course at the local community college. The assignment was to select two very different poems from several provided samples and use the two to inspire and create an original piece. No real restrictions other than it had to be inspired or influenced by whatever two poems spoke to us. Now then for some reason I was drawn of course to Ozymandius, by Shelley and the other that struck me was Crow’s Fall, by Ted Hughes.

My piece is nothing compared to them yet I feel pretty proud. I just tried to have fun with it. I just took the elements and mish-mashed them up. Just figured I would share.


Loki’s Raven

I tell a tale, a tangled, jangled, mangled mess

of unrequited love and the damage it can do. Heart

and soul it sickens, the mind and spirit is repressed.

A king there once was, much loved and praised,

his legacy though ruined his mind did rot and go askew.

Love that great perverter of fates did make him crazed.

All his requests denied, his pleas ignored, with each new

appeal she refused. His purest desire became a deathly haze,

ardor crinkled and wrinkled, noble morality he did eschew.

Darkening his mind and blackening his soul, all

he now sought was vengeance. So to Loki he did pray

begging for the murderous means. That such a small

trifle could fell such a monarch, the trickster did bray

with laughter. Delighting in this child king’s gall

the rascal god did finally agree to give this man aid.

The jester blesses and so allowed this maniac rage does

transform the ruler into a raven, a monstrous obsidian

horror, hungry for blood. A terrible visage he surely was.

With bloody rampage he horribly murdered his maiden

sampled her flesh, lapped her claret, wickedly proud he then did caw.

Happily sated the raven called out to his patron deity once

more. To retain his title and be a man again he prayed for now.

With thundering echoes the god’s laughter did bounce

through the October sky. “Oh no fair fowl, that I cannot allow.

Tis too much fun this way.” The charlatan announced.

Maddened by remorse lost in regrets, the raptor shrieks out in penitence.

Loki laughs, chortles, and guffaws at the silly foul king, who then blinded

by this newfound conscience, did fly wild onto a sleeping guards lance.