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If you’re anywhere near California, you might have heard about the blazing wildifre in Santa Cruz county. Then, of course, there are the tornadoes hitting the country, the volcano issues in Hawaii, the recent earthquakes in Nevada and around the world, and, well, there seem to be a plethora of natural disasters happening. Which got me to thinking about a new poetry prompt.

Have you ever experienced or been affected by any sort of disaster? This could include a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, famine, flood, shipwreck, car wreck, plane crash, cave in, drought, bridge collapse, volcano eruption, fire, etc. Write a poem about it.

Here’s mine.

Smoke Signals

Billowing clouds tinged ‘round
with ochre and umbre,
round-headed and rising in the sky,
harbingers of smoke and
fire and potential death we
stare and wonder before
the blazing wildfire behind us.