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crawl out from your bones,
pour me into your heart
and bleed me through your body.
filling every bruise, weep from every wound
sustain you
making your every pulse my own

dance around your head,
draw me into your lungs
and let me be your oxygen.
becoming every sigh, form into every word
saturate you
making your every breath my own

storming inside your skull,
flash me through your brain
and send me down your spine.
riding every signal, spark from every nerve
electrify you
making your every thought my own

spinning beneath your feet,
wander me hither and yon
and leave me with your remains.
devouring every ounce, dissolve into every speck
absorb you
making your every atom my own

passing across your sky,
disperse me into your grave
and suffuse me into your soul.
revealing every sight, shine from every direction
illuminate you
making your every truth my own