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Little Red Ants
Take a chance for the Little Red Ants!
Never given a chance were these Little Red Ants
Knocked their home over by way of lawn mower
Now all they can do is roam with a groan
Dazzled, frazzled – completely unraveled
Little red ants are alone with no home
If not the place being such a mess
“They could stay with me!”
A stranger confessed
Unless they could get more room
“They could stay with me!”
Another voice boomed
Had it been known before
“I’d let them in!’
Said the voice behind the door
If you gave me more time to prepare
“I’d surely be there!”
Came a voice from somewhere
When the rain came down it came really hard
Fell in buckets which flooded the yard
Did the Little Red Ants make it?
It would surely be hard
At least you can say of of them tried
These Little Red Ants maybe know how to hide?
Take a chance on the Little Red Ants!
Would they be let in if it happened again?
It depends
How well we do with a means to an end

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