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Ann Emmert Abbott

I’m so happy to have promoted The Writing Show contests here for several years and now to have a big winner from our little group is so rewarding and satisfying. She won this year’s “First Chapter” contest.  From The Writing Show today:

“Please join Linda Simoni-Wastila and host Paula B. as they explore:

  • Where her story came from
  • What it was like to write in the voice of a 19-year-old boy
  • How she would describe her style
  • What was easy and difficult in the writing of Brighter Than Bright
  • What her writing goals are
  • What she’d like her Contemporary Authors entry to say
  • Why she writes about the things she does.”

And you can listen to Linda in the podcast right on your computer (an MP3 file, but no iPod is needed, but it takes a while to download)

Running time: 55:54
File size: 27 megabytes
Rating: G

And read Linda’s winning chapter here (a .PDF file)