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I have not visited the WD forum in many months.  But, today, as I was cleaning out my desk–preparing to take on a whole new role as the home preschool teacher to my almost 3-year-old, I found some things that jogged my memory.  First…piles & piles of rejections!  🙂

Second, I found a pile of what, for now, I have placed in a folder & labeled, WD Forum Wisdom.  This includes:

from Lisa (Abqwriter)

A sort of outline to be used when writing a novel synopsis.  It begins, “Jessica-my assessment is that there is waaaay too much detail…”  HA, HA…you were right, Lisa!

Countless personal emails in which she guides me through press release writing, proofreading elevator pitches, etc., etc., etc.

from James (A. Ritchie)

A lenghty, detailed blurb about offering magazine article rights…

A lengthy, detailed blurb about writing an author bio…

A detailed blurb about writing the “four synopses lengths…”

A lengthy, detailed blurb about determining the “technical lengths” of one’s work…

A guide to proofreader’s marks…

Boy, James…you offer lengthy, detailed replies, don’t you?  🙂

from John (jmar2)

Countless technical blurbs re:  software, jump drives, memory, etc….

A brutally honest critique of my novella (methinks that might be the last time I typed anything?)  Just kidding, John.

and from Claire (Curious)

Countless heartfelt emails counseling me in my real life as well as my writer’s life…

A lengthy, detailed blurb about fees charged by agents, agencies.

A timeline of the novel after it’s been accepted until it is published (still haven’t needed that!). 🙁

THANK YOU all…you have been so helpful to me in my writer’s life.  To all of you who are just getting to know these individuals (those who are still around)…use them!  They will prove invaluable.