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Heaven help me.  I let my piano teacher (who is also a friend of mine) talk me into performing at a recital on Saturday. 

What was I thinking?  I’m old.  I’m not good.  Why do we – I assume at least ONE of you can relate – make commitments that we later regret? 

Actually I did say no, several times, but I really must have meant maybe because in the end I said yes.

“Will you play in my recital on May 31st?”

“No.  I’m too old.”  First mistake – don’t add objection to your “no.”

“You’re not old.  There’ll be people of all ages playing,” Yeah, ages 5 to 17 and, well…me.

“No.  I’m too old.”  Second mistake – still objecting when I should have shut the door.

“Please?  It would help me a lot.  You’ll be an inspiration to the other moms and dads there who wish they’d never quit piano lessons when they were kids…”  Here it is, the guilt tactic.

“But,”  – Third mistake – But???  Never say “But.” – I’ve never played my entire piece without a mistake.”

“You’ll do fine.  Besides, I need you there.” 

Case closed and now I’m shopping for a new blouse to wear on Saturday when I’ll be starring as the middle-aged-housewife turned pianist like a badly done Pygmalion.

I still haven’t played the entire piece without flubbing.  Pray for me.