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I have 15 letters out, and I have received three, so far rejections and now, I’m thinking that my query is just not that good, that maybe it just doesn’t grab the readers attention, you know, just that it don’t say, ‘WOW’, so I need a little advice, please.

Gabriella Hatcher’s mind, body and life are slowly changing, her destiny is coming to find her- only she doesn’t know it yet.

Why? Because the heroine of my recently completed novel, CHANGES, has discovered that her past has a lot of dark secrets. The character-driven story is an 81,500 word fantasy romance. The book weaves lies and love with magical power, teaching two people the ultimate meaning of love— that you will do whatever it takes to protect the one you love, even sacrificing yourself.

Twenty-five year Gabriella thinks life is great, until her world is interrupted by learning that she is a descendent of a powerful cult of Witches, that her boyfriend and his family are out to kill her, but not everything is all bad, she has a protector — whom she struggles against her growing attraction for and ultimately falls deeply in love with, that she’s truly found her “Drink of Intoxication.” But before they can be together, they must fight for their love.

I am in the process of becoming an active member of Romance Writers of America and

Writers Forum. I believe CHANGES encompasses many of the qualities I love in a fantasy romance.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.