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Porn sites? Yes, I’ve posted my work there. Throw some rocks. Stare don’t glare! Make me taste smelly socks. I’ve done it all.
God Sites? Yes. I’ve posted there too. Just like all of you. I have no clue. Clueless in what to do.
Happy with nothing more, than a glimpse of the door. Halfway open and I can almost feel the breeze – maybe it’s the squeeze around my neck – better yet, it’s just a sneeze and maybe a speck fell on my sleeve! Can you believe? Somebody read these words. Absurd? Words are no more than birds. Watch them in the wind. A message they will send. These birds – are no more than words, meant solely to be heard.

I’ll never be published. That’s o.k. I’m here and I’m happy.

Visit my site..and maybe pass is along. Who knows the words to this song?
Is it a troll? No. Is it spam? I prefer green eggs and ham?
I do not hopefully know where any of this will go – but maybe, just maybe, you’ll allow this to grow. I planted the seed – and YOU, fellow poets, YOU are all it needs!