Re: I need advice and help


I have a situation I want to take advantage of.

The Sunday columnist for my local paper has stopped writing and has gone back to teaching.  Her column was called Baby Steps and she wrote of the first year with her new baby.

Now that she has moved on, I want the spot!  Some of you know that most of my personal essay articles center around raising my two boys (ages 6 and 9) and of other life ‘things’ like bugs, bras and my dog.  These are fun humor pieces.

Here is where I need ideas, advice, expertise, money?

this type of writing is my passion, (not that I’ll refuse a paid reporting job) I want to talk to my editor and see if he’d consider putting me in that now vacant spot.

What are some good ways to word what it is that I write?  I’m leaning it toward the ‘family’ focus/life’s obserdities.  I also feel he is going to want me to prove how these pieces can me not just entertaining but informative as well (ex: sidebar notes)

Anyone have any advice?  I want to do this quickly before the editor realizes that the spot is vacant (lol).